Hakan Sonakalan

was born in 1993 in Bremen and is an aspiring, young choreographer, performer and administrator of Turkish origin. He is inspired by music, theater, literature, poems, stage sets and lighting designs, which flow into his creative processes and support his choreographic eye. He has a Bachelor of Arts in contemporary dance and is currently working on his Master of Arts in choreography, with both degrees from the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. His choreographic work has been shown at various festivals, theaters and schools. Hakan is a creative person with a free spirit, ambition, imagination and a strong determination to influence both his audience and his performers.

“Overall, I’m interested in body movements that you, as an important person in this contemporary society, already carry and bring with you. Perhaps this could be a motivation to move towards one another.”

Hakan was seen as a guest dancer in two different works at the Braunschweig State Theater in 2018 and 2019. One of the works brought, from the beginning, the main interdisciplinary goal to combine drama and dance. Since then, his own interest in including more acting in dance has grown. The integration of these interdisciplinary forms expresses the pure intention to support and expand one’s ideas in other ways. One of his strongest works after the bachelor’s degree: ‘QATSI – RELOADED’, at the Theater Schlachthof Bremen, brought out different levels and qualities of the participating, non-professional artists, who were placed at a large industrial site for this purpose. Some feedback has described his works using words such as darkness, heaviness, gloom and frustration. Through these perspectives, some potentials are revealed to him and subsequently appear as other forms of beauty. Hakan is ready and willing to experiment with his expression in order to gain new skills. It brings with it an energy that can quickly go from zero to one hundred. Comparable to the energy that today’s youth carries in their bodies. At the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen he was able to acquire and establish his techniques in the traditional way, some of which are now recognizable as signatures, but the curiosity to play and experiment with them has always been very pronounced. The main questions about the existence of humans in society with their themes – “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I belong“ are mostly decisive for his work.

Hakan Sonakalan
Portrait Hakan | Photo: Marianne Menke
Photo: Marianne Menke