DJINN - Under The Shadow
Photo: Simon Behrendt

DJINN - Under The Shadow

Supernatural beings who are shot from smokeless fire, also known as “Djinn”. The term “Djinn” is derived from Arabic and can be translated with the synonyms “demon” or “spirit”. “Dschunna”, the origin of the word “Djinn” means obsessed, insane.

Believing in the existence of Djinn is a major part of the Islamic faith, but its relevance to Islam is being discussed even in traditional circles, and Djinn belief is thus somewhere between fairy tale, superstition, and religion. The well-known in Islam and in Arab mythology named Djinn is called ‘Iblis’.

In contrast to angels, djinn have a free spirit, first given by God, in mythology. This free spirit not only removes them from God, but also causes discrepancies, which cause the djinn to war on earth. Iblis, however, does not see himself as a djinn, but as an angel shined by God and decides with his free spirit to join God and his angels. Iblis gains the trust of God, until the day when God shakes Adam, one who, unlike the djinn, can save peace on earth. Since Iblis sees himself as a ruler and protector of the world and does not approve of the appearance of a human being, the trust between God and Iblis breaks down with the birth of Adam and Iblis is sent to earth together with Adam from the kingdom of heaven. To this day, Iblis is to stay with his jealousy and his anger on earth. In order to return to God’s level and take his place as ruler, Iblis seeks to take possession of all humans, starting with Adam, to occupy their minds and drive them insane.

Hareket Dance’s “Djinn – Under the shadow” deals with the mythology of the Djinn, which drives you crazy with the fight between the occupier and the obsessed. For this, Hareket Dance has created its own ‘white’ platform, which reflects the pure earth, the base, the unfinished spirit of man, occupied by the Djinn.

Powerful movements symbolize the struggle between human and superhuman. An abstract scene construction lets the actors as well as the audience feel the oncoming madness. Well, who of us is so insane, bad, excellent, in a good mood, or obsessed somewhere?

Concept, choreography and contact: Hakan Sonakalan
Dancers Cast 1: Sophia Otto, Momoe Kawamura, Elisa Spina, Ludovica Pinna,
Narumi Saso, Pin-Chen Hsu, Francesca Pavesio, Leonie Türke

Dancers Cast 2: Sophia Otto, Stella Kolodzey, Elisa Spina, Lisa Grandmottet,
Momoe Kawamura, Enora Gemin, Yurika Sophie Yamamoto

Music, composition: Gavin Cullen – Djinn, Rania – Cycle of Life, maNga – Hos Geldin, Raime – Your Cast Will Tire
Duration: 20~ mins
Genre: Dance, Performance